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Crafting sweetness, one jar at a time.

Welcome to Caribbean Spice Haven, where every jar tells a story of tradition and flavor. Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, our brand is a celebration of homemade goodness and island zest. With a passion for preserving the vibrant tastes of the tropics, we handcraft each batch of jam and marmalade with care, using only the finest fruits and spices sourced locally. Our recipes are steeped in heritage, reflecting the rich culinary tapestry of the Caribbean. From the sun-kissed sweetness of mango to the tangy allure of passion fruit, every spoonful is a tantalizing journey to paradise. At Caribbean Spice Haven, we invite you to savor the essence of the Caribbean in every delicious bite.



Inheriting Grandma’s recipes, I stirred up a business. From her kitchen to mine, flavors danced—Haitian jams, zesty marmalades, sauces that whispered of the Caribbean breeze. Each batch a tribute to her legacy. Soon, jars lined shelves, tales of island spices whispered in every label. But it was her secret rum blend that stole hearts, turning my haven into a Caribbean Spice Haven, where every taste was a journey to the sun-kissed shores Grandma once called home.

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